Organising a wedding with a civil ceremony

Taormina Marriage


Locations and Bureaucracy

The celebration of marriage or civil union is carried out by the Civil Registrar or by the Mayor. The Mayor may also delegate the function of Civil Registrar to a third party if he / she has the suitable requirements. For the celebration of the civil ceremony, the District of Taormina has two locations – the Villa Comunale and the Palace Duchi of Santo Stefano.

The Palace of the Dukes of Santo Stefano;

First floor lounge or lounge on the ground floor or outside garden.

The Villa Comunale

The Villa Comunale (Parco Giovanni Colonna Duca di Cesarò) is inside the small square dedicated to the victims of the First World War. About two months before you get married, you must go to the Civil Status Office of the district of residence to request the following documents: birth certificate and certificate which includes residential and marital status and citizenship. The bride and groom will then be contacted to determine the date of the marriage oath. After this promise, the publications will be exhibited for eight days on the door of the town hall of the residential district. After four days, the Civil Registrar releases the “no impediment” document to the wedding to be celebrated within 180 days.

The second option is the Palazzo dei Duchi di Santo Stefano, in a choice of two rooms or in the gardens. Decoration of the the room is permitted, providing the area is returned to its original condition following the ceremony, however food and drink (buffet, cocktails, etc.) are not permitted. The spouses must make the relevant payment, according to the rates specified by the Council, to the postal current account no. 11218989, made out to the “Treasury of the City of Taormina” with the title “Use of civil wedding room (Utilizzo Sala Matrimoni Civili)“. 

Use of civil wedding room

Subsequently proof of payment must be presented. Those who intend to celebrate a civil marriage must apply to the Office of Civil Status, completing the appropriate document at least 30 days prior to the date of the wedding celebration. For the marriage celebrated by proxy of another municipality at least 8 days is required before the date of the celebration along with the following documentation: Delegation of the municipality of residence; photocopies of identity documents; photocopies of the identification documents of two witnesses; indication of the matrimonial regime.

Wedding with interpreter and delegation

Matrimoni Gay Taormina Unioni CiviliThe marriage may also be celebrated with the help of an interpreter if the bridal couple and / or the witnesses are foreign nationals and confirm that they do not understand the Italian language. The Civil Registrar will need to employ an interpreter at the expense of the applicants. The interpreter must be enrolled with appropriate public certification and also be included in the relevant register prepared by the Civil Office. Marriage can also be celebrated by delegation from another district. Applicants, in this case, within a maximum of 8 days before the celebration, must submit the following documentation:

1) Delegation from the residential district 2) Photocopy of identity documents

3) Photocopies of the witnesses’ identity documents 4) Indication of the patrimonial regime.

Permitted hours of celebration: From Monday to Sunday from 10:00am to 2:00pm and from 4:00pm to 7:00pm with the exception of 1st and 6th January, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, 25th April, 1st May, 2nd June, 9th July, 15th August, 1st November, 8th, 25th and 26th December. The costs for the use of the location and the celebration of the civil ceremony are:

Residents (one or both of the bridal couple must be resident in the district):

Monday to Friday € 100,00 Saturday and Sunday € 150,00

Non residents: Monday to Friday € 600,00 Saturday and Sunday € 800,00

At the end of the celebration the couple are presented with a decorative certificate and a book on the history of Taormina.

Forms – Civil wedding

Request for civil wedding (Italians)    Request for civil wedding (Non Italians)

Civil wedding tariffs (Italians)    Civil wedding tariffs (Non Italians)

Organising a wedding with a Catholic ceremony


Church Bookings and Documentation

Religious weddings can take place all year, except on Sundays and other holidays, in all churches in Taormina but not in private chapels, hotels or villas. The presence of a priest who has Italian citizenship is essential. The hours of the celebrations must be agreed directly with the Cathedral priest.

Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Taormina matrimonio CattolicoTo organise the Catholic wedding ceremony you must arrange a meeting with the parish priest (usually that of the bride) with the following documents: the application for marriage, certificate of participation of the pre wedding course, baptism certificate (valid for only 6 months) and confirmation certificate. Cumulative or contextual Certificate of Citizenship, civil status, residence (valid for only six months) issued by the town offices of residence of the spouses. 30 days before the date of marriage, the priest of Taormina at Piazza Duomo must receive the original documents (mod. XIV) duly signed by the Diocesan Bishops Office of origin and of the Diocesan Bishops Office of Messina, including original certificate of publication of civil status. You will fill out a form and, after it is completed by inserting the witnesses’ details, it will be given to the priest of Taormina.

The hours of the celebrations must be agreed directly with the Cathedral priest, as well as the booking of the churches, either by phone: 0039 942-23123 mobile 0039 339-5682372 or by e-mail at and by completing a wedding form then validating the booking through a bank transfer.

For the Church of San Giuseppe you should contact the Salesians by phone: 0039 942-23766. All documentation must be submitted with the relevant payment at least one month before the celebration.

Organising a wedding with an Anglican ceremony


Anglican Wedding

Anglican weddings require five people: one celebrant, the bride and groom (who must both be at least 16 years old) and two witnesses. To get married in an Anglican ceremony it is not necessary to be baptized, but to be British citizens and reside in the UK for at least 15 days.

The Anglican Ceremony

Taormina Chiesa Anglicana matrimonio Anglicano

With these requirements, the couple must contact the pastor to make the publications that in England are read aloud three months before the wedding, on three consecutive Sundays.

The religious ceremony begins with the arrival of the master of ceremony who arrives in the church 45 minutes before the ceremony and welcomes the guests. Half an hour before the ceremony, the bridegroom arrives, accompanied by his witness, usually his best friend. Tradition has it that the last to take a seat is the mother of the bride. The bride is often veiled and escorted by her father followed by the bridesmaids and pageboy. Often the procession is preceded by a girl dressed as a fairy who leaves behind a carpet of flower petals, while a boy carries the wedding rings on a small pillow

Liturgical Ceremony

As to the liturgical rites of marriage, the Protestant Church shares some elements of the celebratory sequence with the Catholic Church: declaration of intent, agreement and promises of fidelity of the spouses, exchange of rings and blessing of the bride and groom. The Anglican civil marriage takes place before an civil officer and there are many locations available. The location must be a covered structure, fixed to the ground and holding a civil license. The spouses must present their birth certificates or passport to the civil office.

For information on booking an Anglican wedding in Taormina, please call the Secretary of the Church of St George: 0039 942-23859